Dubbler – Where Your Voice Can Be Heard


For the past week, I’ve been busy with a new social media app that I downloaded into my phone. It’s really a great app where you can record your voice and post it to the community of Dubblers. The app allows you to convert your voice clips into different formats. There is the cat voice that will change your voice into a higher, cuter pitch. There’s the bird voice which will take the pitch even higher. Darth Vader voice that will make any woman sound like a man. There are also a few background music that can accompany your speeches.

This app is especially great if you’re musically gifted. You can record yourself singing, playing an instrument, and all sorts of other musical endeavors. If you’re a comedian, let yourself be heard and add more laughter to the people on Dubbler. You can also treat this as a digital journal and post random voice clips. It’s also great for those who just love the sound of your voice, like me for example.

Just like any other standard social media platform, you can like and comment on other people’s voice clips, and follow users. Use it to make more friends. So far, I’ve been using it to talk about my homeland because a lot of people there don’t know much about Singapore. I’ve also read one of my poems and I think I’ll that more often. I can’t always talk about my country. That would be too boring.

The only thing is, I wish I can save my recorded voice clips so that I can have the option to post it elsewhere. My blog, perhaps. They only seem to have the options to share on Facebook and Twitter. I also wish they could have the function to save a draft of your clip. And by the way, each post is limited to only 60 seconds so you gotta make them count.

If you’re ever curious about how I sound like, or just curious about the app itself, or simply wish to make yourself heard, download the app! Follow me on Dubbler and I will definitely follow you back!


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